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MT2800 Home Treadmill Powermax

Treadmill is a fitness device for fat burning that is used in gyms and homes.
Home treadmill model MT 2800 Powermax brand is a home treadmill made in Taiwan. The dimensions of the device are 172 x 74 x 130 cm and it can bear up to 120 kg weight. The belt dimensions of this treadmill are 130 x 46 cm and its weight is 80 kg. This Powermax device has a safety clip connected to the emergency switch, which will protect you while walking and running, and when you lose your balance, disconnecting from the device will cause the treadmill motor to turn off, and you will suffer You will not be injured. This device has 9 default programs that you can use to implement your programs for fitness.
The LCD screen of this device can display; It has speed, distance, time, heart rate and calories burned. This home treadmill has the ability to play music by connecting to the AUX cable, which allows you to listen to your favorite music while exercising and exercise longer. This device is multi-functional and has a multi-speed massager, a push-up bar, and a sit-up bar, which you can use to create a small gym at home.
The maximum speed it can provide to the user is up to 18 km. This treadmill has a 2.5 HP DC motor. This treadmill also has the ability to fold, and with the help of the gas jack of this device, you can easily return the device to its original state. The tilt of this device can also be changed electrically up to 15 degrees. The POWERMAX treadmill has a Rubber Spring shock that prevents too much pressure on the knees and back. Anti-shock bumper is also installed on this device, which prevents sound transmission. For easier moving of the device, 4 wheels are installed under the bases of this treadmill, which makes it possible to move the device easily and use the treadmill in other places.
This treadmill is made in Taiwan and has a 12-month warranty and 10-year after-sales service. Also, the installation and delivery of this device is free for the residents of Tehran, which makes it easy for consumers to buy a treadmill.
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